Research and Development (R&D)

The research and production enterprise "Nord-Engineering" undertakes innovative scientific projects.

Currently the following solutions are proposed for discussion and implementation:

-technology for the construction of offshore structures

-silent internal combustion engine (the stage of formal verification of the patent application has been passed)

-de-icing system for metal roofing

-paving technology

-automation of snow removal from barrier fences and other structures

-methodology for calculating embankment and berth designs on permafrost

-research in the field of unmanned and autonomous vehicles

Customer Adonis LLC. Research and development work with the aim of in-depth study of existing scientific knowledge and achievements in the field of "smart city" and unmanned and autonomous vehicles. 2020.

Customer Interregional social movement for the development of the transport system "Bad Roads" (MOD RTS "Bad Roads"). Research and development work on unmanned vehicles. 2019.